Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nursery news...

Well, Jacob is having his first day at nursery today. We went on a tour of various places yesterday but plumper for one a 25 minute drive away. Oh well, i really wasn't convinced by the other places that had spots available. He was very excited this morning but wasn't too happy when I left. Oh well hopefully he will be making new friends and having fun by now, I will ring at 10:30.

So, I am having a chilled out brew in Starbucks before going to Lowe's (a great big version of B&Q) to buy a mop and a curtain pole. Woo!


  1. Hello, have sent you a little email too. Hope Master Pyne got on ok at nursery.
    love to you all!
    plenty of shopping still to do Bexx?!?

  2. Hope Jakey had a good day at his new nursery.....it will take time for him to settle in as everything will be different and the accents as well. Love you all xxxxx