Wednesday, November 17, 2010

IKEA building finished!

We've finally finished the IKEA building! It has only taken two weeks and one return trip to get two leafs of the dinning table replaced. Bexx has built 80% of the stuff, Stew has built 18% and J has built 2%. At least one of the rooms in the house is still empty and the garage is full of cardboard.

Stew is still finding the 5:30am start difficult and is currently on a 6 day week. However, next week has a 4 day weekend for thanksgiving so we need to think of something to do. Maybe a road trip is in order.

Stew is missing bacon sandwiches with HP sauce (and real cadbury's chocolate). Bexx is missing Lancashire cheese, normal bread (that doesn't cost $4 and taste of sugar) and the gas hob. Jacob misses Melissa and Sun Pat peanut butter.

Bye bye for now and we hope all is well in the UK.

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  1. The early start must be tough as will 6 days. I hope it slows down a bit once Stew gets established.