Monday, November 8, 2010

Beach Walk

We waited in for the telly man today... But he didn't come so Jakey and I went for a walk down the beach. We collected lots of shells and stones and also made many footprints. It was really odd to see bright red maple leaves against the white sand.


  1. Hi Bex Stew and of course Jacob super picture, sounds like you are all settling in. Dad has just dragged me to the Dukes to see A Town called Panic {no comment}I posted a parcel off today with Midnight Garden + bits and bods left behind. very envious of you living so near a beach missing popping into West street for a brew x u

  2. Hello this looks like a fun place to be ..all dressed up for snow but on the beach. Lucky you....the summer is going to be good. Is this beach far from your home or is this your private beach?We are envious already.Love ma and pa and BIG hugs to everyone.xxxx