Sunday, November 7, 2010

Internet at last!

Woo hoo, we finally have Internet access. We managed to persuade a very nice guy from AT&T to give us an iPhone, so we now have Internet access. All is good here, Jacob is settling in well now and thankfully has started trying new food.

I will take some pics of the house later, but it is still a bit of a mess so you will have to look past it!


  1. Hello to glad you are now in touch with us. We cant wait to see photos of your new home and we are glad to hear Jakey is settling in to his new abode. All is well here with us but getting colder by the day. Will speak soon Love Ma and Pa xxxxx

  2. Yipeee... can't wait to hear all your news... and see photos! missing you all x x

  3. Iphone sounds good. Will AT&T give you satellite broadband as well?