Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well, we are now allowed to move into our house! It is fabulous, I can't wait to move in. We all trooped up to IKEA yesterday (Saturday) to kit Jacob's bedroom out, and get a kitchen table. It was a bit stressful but luckily it all fit in the car so we are going to have a quiet day building furniture and getting so that we can sleep in the house tonight. It got too late last night to manage it, so we decided to kip at the hotel. At least that means a good breakfast! 

Here is our house! 

And here is Jacob in his new car seat - note the cool dude sunglasses and cup holder! 

Hopefully one of us will update later with some pictures of inside the house!


  1. Hello from Omagh for the third time we are not sure if this blog is getting through so just practising.xxxx

  2. Hello it may look as if this is working. We love the cool dude sitting in his new car seat. We hope your move goes well. The house looks lovely. Speak soon love Ma and Pa xxxxx

  3. Hi Folks, We have been watching your blogs with interest! You have obviously taken to MD like 'crocs to a swamp'! Your new home looks wonderful - hope there is a spare room for visitors! Lets see a few pics of your 'wheels' and the Harley when you take delivery! Lots of love from Niall, Beryl, Tanya and Jonny

  4. Hi Bex Stew & Jacob
    This blogging is baffling, but the house looks fantastic and the blog most interesting. I dont seem able to sign up for it somehow. Hope you are now in the house.
    Love dad

  5. Whats wrong with an e-mail?

    Us old gits can't get the hang of this!

    Nice house though, and love the picture of Jaki

    Loads of love

    Rich, Em, Sam and the destroyer of worlds (or as we call him, Benj)

  6. Hola from a very wet and windy Lancaster...
    Hope you are all settling into life in the USA.... looking forward to hearing more news soon. I guess you guys have so so much to do. I missed my little helper today.... wasn't the same baking cakes without my gorgeous nephew to help.
    Love to you all
    Kerry & "my" Allan!