Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 2 - Outback

Yum yum! Just been for a lovely steak at Outback - a really good grill place in Lexington Park. Lovely salads too. A world apart from last night's disaster! We also popped into Michael's on the way home - WOW! A massive craft superstore, very exciting for me!

We also popped into our new house after Stew finished work - he chose really well and it is roughly 3x the size I was envisaging. I have no idea what we will fill it with but hopefully eventually we will get it sorted! Best thing is the big yard with a field behind it - it'll be great for J to run about on as he gets older. It also has beach access rights which is just a short drive away. Only problem is that we thought we would be in on Saturday but I can't help feeling it'll be Monday. Oh well it's all an adventure and I have a new strategy with the mad mattress tonight so hopefully the sheets *might* stay on.

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