Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 3 - Poorly Sick!

I am actually writing this on Day 4 but it's very early in the morning so I hope I'll get away with it!

We had a great morning yesterday, Jacob and I. First we went to Doskey Park, which Jacob loved, all though the temperature had dropped sharply so it was a bit chillier than expected!
We also went to Target, which was great! I bought all Jacob's bedding and towels, including a gorgeous "comforter", which seems to be the alternative to duvets here. It has appliqued corduroy cars all over it, with matching sheets etc. There was a car shaped bean bag but I resisted, however, I think I will be going back as it was just so gorgeous! I will post pics later, I have batteries now but someone (who shall remain nameless) has made the lens all cloudy.

However we got back to the hotel, and Jakey didn't seem well at all and was very hot. As it was Friday, I asked Stew to let me know how to go to the doctors' here. He didn't know so we wound up at the hospital eventually. They were really great and so much speedier than the UK, we were in and out within an hour, without the mysterious waits for who knows what that you get in the UK. Jacob is now on the mend with antibiotics, Tylenol and Medrin! I'd taken the Calpol to show them what I'd been giving him but apparently "Paracetemol" doesn't translate!

Finally, today we are going to the house again, we are not sure what for but we are hoping to be able to measure up and perhaps if we are lucky get access. If so, we will be moving in, so fingers crossed! Worst case scenario is still Monday so either way it isn't so bad.

Anyway today is the first day this week Stew has been able to have the yummy breakfast in the hotel so we'd best get up and at 'em! We will update later, and hopefully be on Skype later.

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