Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 2 - Fairfield Inn

Well, last night wasn't a winner in terms of sleep - Jacob had a horrible cough all night and then we all woke up at 5am with Stew. Oh well. I stalled J for a while then got our breakfast. During breakfast Jacob kept saying "Go in Mummy's car" so I knew he wanted a sleep - almost got him zonko then made the fatal error of moving too early. So then we drove to Staples and bought a Sat Nav - a necessity! The driving was better in the daylight, although I HATE my hire car as it smells vaguely of fish and has no wiper on the back windscreen. What's that about?

Well we just got back and I put Playhouse Disney on and Jacob drifted off. Phew! I've put some laundry on (well, I think I have!) and am now setting this up for people to keep up with what we're up to. Now I am going to virtually SHOP till I DROP for furniture etc. Crossing our fingers & toes to be in the house on Saturday! 

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  1. Hello - great way to keep family posted - just trying this out before writing anymore